User-supplied SAL-related shell scripts

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The following are some shell (Bash) scripts I (Lee Pike) have found useful to use with SAL. Indeed, a colleague showed me how to use the open-source BuildBot that automates builds and build reporting. I have found it useful to use these scripts together with BuildBot to run nightly model-checks and to report the results.

These scripts were inspired by some simple scripts Geoffrey Brown wrote. I'm only posting basic scripts; please feel free to edit and improve them!

  • Bash script that runs one of the SAL model-checkers, provided as an argument, over every obligation, claim, lemma, and theorem in a SAL file.
  • Bash script that runs each proof directive in a SAL file which appears as a comment. Standard out and standard error may each be written to a file.

--Leepike 23:18, 15 January 2008 (PST)

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